Land South of Gallows Hill, Warwick

Landscaping and Design

We are working closely with Warwick District Council in respect of the proposed design for the site, creating key character areas throughout the development together with high-quality landscaping and areas of open space.

Key character areas include:

Castle Vista

Castle Vista is an attractive linear open space running (roughly) east to west through the development. It focuses on distant views of Warwick Castle. Avenue tree planting will further enhance this area.

  • The destination at the eastern end is Castle Green.
  • At the western end, the linear open space will open out into an attractive children’s play area called The Tilt Yard.

Castle Green

Castle Green is influenced by Regency architecture. It will include a sweep of elegant, three storey townhouses and villas. An arc of linked, semi-detached homes will overlook the green. Each house will have a roof terrace. An avenue of trees will frame the vista towards Warwick Castle.

Turnbulls Woodside

Woodside forms the rural edge to the development where the topography slopes down towards Turnbulls Garden. This is the lowest density area of the site and comprises larger, predominately two storey homes accessed from private drives and country lanes.

Hawkes Crescent

Regency inspired apartments form Hawkes Crescent, creating an important gateway to Warwick and Leamington Spa. The four storey apartments will have a parapet and roof terrace, together with balconies. There will be a landscaped garden at the front overlooking the pedestrian and cycle route.

Tach View Hill (Spine Road)

This character area is located along the Spine Road, which runs through the middle of the development. It is a formal avenue with verges, cycle paths and tree planting. The new bus route will run through this area.

Childrens Play

  • The Tilt Yard Local Equipped Area for Play (LEAP) is a formal timber and rope play area inspired by the historic jousting courtyard affiliated with Warwick Castle
  • The Tach Brook (LEAP) is a more naturalistic timber play ground area, using the natural levels of the slope that drops down towards the Tach Brook.
  • There will be natural play spaces and pocket parks along the Castle Vista and Turnbulls Woodside, including features such as timber balancing beams, earth mounds and stepping stones.

Tree Planting

Trees have been selected with consideration to the ‘Land South of Gallows Hill Design Code’ for their suitability, seasonal interest, local provenance and value to wildlife.

These include:

  • Woodland boundary trees such as English Oak and Field Maple
  • Parkland and specimen trees such as Lime, Scots Pine, White Poplar, Sweet Chestnut, Alder, Weeping Willow, Downy & Silver Birch
  • Gateway trees such as Cherry and Norway Maple
  • Smaller trees for residential areas such as Fruit Trees, Sweetgum and Chanticleer Pear.

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS)

The Tach Brook Pond is a large attenuation pond. This is a key feature of the site and will be planted with native species that promote biodiversity, with occasional ornamental varieties giving seasonal colour.

Footpaths and a timber decking platform with seating will allow for quiet contemplation, where users can get close to nature. The area to the south of the pond is a designated Skylark area.

Drainage attention areas in the form of swales and retention basins are set within the areas of open space. SuDS improve water quality by storing or re-using surface water and they decrease flow rates to water courses. All SuDS areas will be planted to improve wildlife habitat.